Oct 15 2021

Four Unexpected Erogenous Zones You Should Know

Four unexpected erogenous zones you should know about to level up your sex game.

Give your partner a heavenly experience by touching all the right places, even when it seems kind of wrong.

Sex is a basic necessity, but that doesn’t mean that our sexual experiences need to be basic. Far from it. Sex is the one activity that can propel us to cloud nine and we've got more than 14 erogenous zones that can help us get there.


The most common parts of the body that make our spines shiver with lust includes our lips, nipples, ears and neck. However, there are a few surprising erogenous zones that are slightly weird, but will make any human succumb upon touch.



Tread lightly when you’re venturing across the inner arms and into the armpits because you don’t want your partner in splits, do you? If you want to pleasure your partner instead of tickling them, use a very very light hand. The armpits are so sensitive that even a feather can stimulate the nerves and that’s all it takes to activate that erogenous zone. You can stroke the area, and even lick it to make it more fun.



Do you enjoy it when your partner pulls your hair during sexy time? It’s because your scalp is actually an erogenous zone that is filled with millions of nerve endings. If getting your hair pulled is too painful for you, then just ask your partner to massage it, or gently tug on your hair. The action will send shockwaves through your system and enhance your dirty dance.


Behind the knee

Much like the armpits, the knee pits also provoke similar responses when they’re fondled with. Relationship counsellor, Vrinda Vohra says:


Even the skin behind the knees is very thin and soft and responsive to touch as the nerves are close to the surface. Most women find kissing and licking the crease directly behind the knee very pleasurable, some even get shivery chills of excitement from such a stimulation.

Bottoms of feet

Unfortunately, the feet are the most neglected part of the body during sex. It might be because of the bad reputation it has developed from those with a foot fetish. But in reality the bottom of your foot is one of the most sensitive areas that you can actually get a lot of pleasure from. It also has key pressure points that you can massage to help your partner relax during the act.