You're making a list and checking it twice, do you want to find out who’s NAUGHTY OR NICE?The festive period is all about overindulging, treating yourself to a well-deserved break and enjoying the company of others. We pride ourselves on having the best companions across the North of England and [more...]
WHAT EXACTLY IS THE PROBLEM WITH MORE CHOICE FOR COMPANIONSHIP? Here are some of the reasons the increase in available Leeds Escorts is making lives harder for the hard working gentlemen, ladies and couples. We find that many of these new providers just don’t have the customer service, dedicated girls, or business accumen [more...]
Easy Tantric Sex Positions You Should Try For Maximum Pleasure Try these easy tantric sex positions to feel more connected to your partner and increase your pleasure.Tantric sex is the practise of creating a flow state between you and your partner. Through a combination of breath work, eye contact, and mindfulness, tantric sex teaches you [more...]
We're back, and in keeping you updated with everything here at Champaign Escorts, we thought we'd update you with some new faces available right now for outcall across Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Barnsley, Wakefield, Sheffield, Huddersfield and York. CoCo – Size 10 – 5’4 – 36D – NAUGHTY – SWEET – ENERGETIC.This [more...]
Happy Christmas to all of our lovely clients, old and new, naughty and nice.Every week as I think about our amazing girls, that I’m about to try to put into words and I just think, "It can’t get better than this, surely" But then low and behold, we get a brand new [more...]
Reaching sexual climax is an experience that many people have had. Although each one, in their own way. This is because tastes and preferences, as well as sensitivity vary. And it is there, in the latter, where synaesthetic orgasms come in. Such intense pleasure is capable of stimulating, in turn, [more...]
Your orgasm may be written in the stars. Try out these positions as per your zodiac sign for a fun and adventurous night! It never hurts to take a cue from your sun sign when it comes to increasing your enjoyment between the covers. It acts as an internal compass, influencing [more...]
Which Leeds Escorts Agency Cherry Picks the Best Escorts?  With so many amazing escort agencies, Leeds is a treasure trove of sexy escorts. However one agency in particular have escorts that are even more remarkable! Champaign Escorts really does have the tastiest and juiciest escorts and they are all ready and [more...]
The pandemic forced many people into involuntary celibacy, but others spent the time discovering their kinks and fetishes. Research shows that almost half of the population has sexual fantasies that may be considered kinky. In fact, between five and 50% of men surveyed admitted to engaging in ‘paraphilic’ sexual behaviour at [more...]
The role and figure of women over the years has varied considerably. Mainly, women have always adopted a more submissive role. Sexual encounters were focused directly on reproductive purposes or on satisfying her male partner. Yet in recent years all this has changed and female pleasure, a great unknown for [more...]
Fortunately, the times when sex was all about male pleasure are long gone. Stimulating the G-spot… in the old days, we didn’t even know what it meant. In recent times, we have noticed a greater dedication of all those involved in sexual intercourse to explore the thousand nuances of it, [more...]
The mouth, teeth, tongue and saliva are very important parts when it comes to having sex. They are intimate parts capable of giving a lot of pleasure. The most important and popular part is sexual kissing. But how many of them are there? And more importantly, why do they excite [more...]
When it comes to sexual positions, it is very intimate and subjective. This is because every couple, whether in company or individually, has their own preferences. For this very reason, many works such as the Kama Sutra deal in greater depth with the best positions for lovemaking.After all, it is [more...]
Seven of the best shower sex tips that’ll help you enjoy getting steamy in the bathroom.LET'S be real - anyone who's had sex in the shower knows it's not all it's cracked up to be.It's less likely to be a hot and steamy encounter and more likely to be an [more...]
This is how long sex should last for women according to our escorts and they should know. Just how long sex lasts is just as important as how good it is, so no rushing please.    It's no secret that sex that ends too soon can leave us feeling bitter and disappointed. Our [more...]
What To Do With Testicles During A BlowjobGiving a blowjob is mostly about your mouth, right? Sure, it could be, but doing nothing more than bobbing your head up and down, time after time, could make for a pretty boring blowjob, explains sexologist Megan Stubbs, EdD. That’s why she always [more...]
Four unexpected erogenous zones you should know about to level up your sex game.Give your partner a heavenly experience by touching all the right places, even when it seems kind of wrong.Sex is a basic necessity, but that doesn’t mean that our sexual experiences need to be basic. Far from [more...]
Are you looking for the best place to take your Leeds Escorts for a date? We have many clients asking for recommendations of the best places to take our beautiful companions. That is why we have decided to upload this blog looking at the best bars in Leeds to enjoy [more...]
Through Christmas and over the New Year will be one of the best times of the year to experience the amazing nightlife in Leeds, so why not book yourself a weekend away to make the most of your festive season with a trip to Leeds? There has never been a [more...]
What To Do In Harrogate Harrogate is a Victorian spa town located in North Yorkshire. To locals, this quaint Northern English town embodies the values of the region, with tumbling hills and scenic, picturesque backdrops. Harrogate is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life [more...]
York is a popular tourist destination with a rich history, a dynamic night life and many places of interest to visit. If you are coming to York and are in need of a beautiful companion to keep you company, then look no further than one of our York Escorts, as [more...]
Aug 18 2021

New Website

Hey Guys and girls, just a quick update on our new Champaign Escorts site and we would like to give all of our loyal customers a giant thank you and to everyone for continuing to visit us. We are now covering a lot more than just Leeds and you can [more...]
Join the North’s Premier Escort Agency.Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and want to get out of it? Have you been hopping from job to job without any real idea what your calling in life really is? Do you feel undervalued at work and want to try [more...]
Fancy a drving job with a difference ?? Not judgmental and take life as it comes ?? Champaign Escorts need reliable discreet drivers to work un-sociable hours. We are busy all through the night, especially at weekends and the end of the month when it's party time !! It's possible to earn £40 an [more...]
Hey Guys, just a quick update on our new Champaign Escorts site and we would like to give all of our loyal customers a giant thank you and to everyone for continuing to visit the site. We are now covering a lot more than just Leeds and you can enjoy [more...]