Jun 03 2022

Tips For Stimulating A Women’s G-Spot

Fortunately, the times when sex was all about male pleasure are long gone. Stimulating the G-spot… in the old days, we didn’t even know what it meant. In recent times, we have noticed a greater dedication of all those involved in sexual intercourse to explore the thousand nuances of it, which is marvellous.

After all, nowadays, there is no shortage of information, gadgets, sex toys, erotic books and everything one could wish for and imagine to help in the pursuit of pleasure.

However, many doubts can still arise when it comes to the exploration of female pleasure. According to specialists, women are much more sensory and imaginative than men, which may mean that they need additional stimulation to reach climax.

In this quest for perfect sex, or at least ideal pleasure, women’s famous G-spot comes into question. But what is it, where is it located and how can it be enjoyed to the full?

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Although it may seem a much-discussed topic, there are still many people who have doubts. Often out of embarrassment or fear of being judged. They are afraid to ask, so they end up not being able to clarify all their doubts. Or, even worse, without being able to fully enjoy their sexual partners.

It is also true that, with today’s ease of obtaining pleasure, many people end up opting for the quickest reward. Instead of involvement and knowledge of their own body, or that of others.

Yet since we know how important it is to have an active and happy sex life, whether it’s for physical and mental health, stress relief or the release of happy hormones during orgasm, next, we’ll talk about the female g-spot.

What is the G-spot?

Discovered in 1950 by the German doctor Ernst Gräfenberg (hence the expression “G-spot”). It refers to the erogenous zone located inside the vagina, capable of arousing deep pleasure in women.

Where to find it?

Every body is different and therefore it is practically impossible to say exactly where this erogenous zone is located. That is why self-knowledge, experimenting, touching and practising each movement and the stimulation that occurs in the body with it, is so important.

However, before starting self-exploration, it is important to make sure that you are aroused. Why? Because being more relaxed makes the area more sensitive to touch, thus making it easier to recognise the key zone. You don’t need to insert your finger very deeply to find the G-spot. Unless you enjoy it, because the G-spot is usually 2 to 3 centimetres past the vaginal entrance.

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How to find the G-spot and enjoy it

Every woman is a different world. However, the search for answers based on your own body does not have to be boring. On the contrary. With masturbation, the use of vibrators, clitoral suckers and all those gadgets that exist today, it is sure to be a fun journey.

Tips to stimulate it

First of all, to find the G-spot, it is necessary to insert the index finger into the vagina with the palm of the hand facing upwards, after which the same finger should be used to explore the area completely after the first 4 cm. According to specialists, the G-spot exists in all women, but not all of them find it or stimulate it in the right way.

Masturbation, therefore, is the greatest ally in this search for the point of intense pleasure. Touching yourself, freeing yourself from any contrary thoughts and dedicating yourself to the search for climax.

There are many benefits of stimulating the G-spot and other erogenous zones. In most cases it is not true that vaginal stimulation alone “does” all the work.

It is important to broaden horizons. Go for the nipples, cuddling on the back, kissing in the groin or, why not, anal stimulation. All this will make the search for the G-spot much easier and more pleasurable.

You can also use adult content, beyond traditional pornography. For example, reading an erotic story, lighting some scented candles while fantasising about something or someone…

Many people describe this orgasm as more intense and sentimental than the clitoral orgasm. And if you don’t achieve it, but you have fun along the way, it’s worth it anyway. After all, to enjoy this kind of delight is to take care of oneself, to love oneself and to indulge oneself. Knowing one’s own pleasure and pushing sex alone or in company to another level.